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“Find a need, Fix a need” is the mantra of Jeffery L. Searcy Jr., Owner/CEO of S.Enterprise Group, Inc, lives by when it comes to inventing/developing ideas for new products.


One day while working at his barbershop, Jeffery Searcy became fed up with his clipper cords constantly tangling while he cut clients hair thus making it difficuly doing his job. At that moment, he knew it was a need to create revolutionary barbering products that would bring ease for him and other barbers.


So in 1995, Mr. Searcy invented his first product called The Cord Detanglers. Later that year, he also started his company known today as S. Enterprise Group, Inc.


S. Enterprise Group, Inc. commitment to excellence starts by developing TOP QUALITY hair care tools & products to help revolutionize the Barber & Beauty Industry which can also be used in homes worldwide.

S. Enterprise Group, Inc. located in Riverdale, Ga. is a one of a kind, Product Development & Hair Care Company that believes in creating extraordniary hair care tools & products which are used inn barbershops, salons and homes worldwide.

Here are a few of our products

Cord Detanglers
Plastic cord coverings used to prevent clipper and hair tools cords from twisting and tangling.
Barber Magic Pencil
A light beige color tone penciln used to draw a natural hairline. It allow s you to create crisp, sharp hairlines, beard/moustache lines & to arch perfect & glamourous eyeborws.
Barber Light up Pole Necklace
Light up barber pole jewelry word by barbers to let non-barbers know who they are. Great way to build clientele. Great conversation piece
Shawty Red Products
Our 3 step Beard Growth and Maintenance Program to promote hair growth and maintain a healthy beard.
Shawty Red Hotpick 2.0
A heated comb pick that makes your hair easy to comb out. It softens your hair cuticles, untangles your hair, helps to stretch out your hair, and allows your hair to breathe. It creates volume, gives you a fuller look. It works wonders on natural hair and beards.
Shawty red Beard/Hair Growth Conditioning Spray
A conditioning/thermal protectant that helps to soften the cuticles while penetrating the hair shaft. This allows the Shawty Red Hot Pick to comb through your hair or beard effortlessly. The spray helps your hair & beard to grow by penetrating the skin underneath causing stimulation of blood flow from the follicles.
Shawty Red Wooden Beard Comb
Prevents the facial skin underneath the beard from having "beardruff" by distributing the natural oils from the follicles, (underneath the skin of the beard), to the ends of the beard hair shaft which helps to produce a natural healthy sheen to the beard.
KoSher Wave Brush (TM)
Introducing the worlds first and ONLY 100% all natural, cruelty free alternative, all vegan KoSHER WAVE Brush! It stimulates the capillaries, increasing blood circulation in the scalp and transporting oxygen and nutrients to the hair stem, root and buld allowing the natural oils to distribute evenly to the scalp and hair shaft.
KoSher Wave Products
Our KoSher Wave pomade and hair lotion are a healhier light weight alternative formula used to create waves and keep the scalp healthy. By using our No Pig on My Wig(TM) Silky Satin wave caps, it seals in moisture thus preventing dryness and frizz.

Giving Back

Giving back is very important to the S. Enterprise Group. Inc family. We believe the greatest is the one who serves others with a pure heart. We serve within our communities by providing free haircuts at many different events within the city & motivational speaking at barber/beauty colleges.


We also believe in putting dollars back into struggling businesses within our communities to keep the thriving. It’s also important to our family to involve the youth and teach them the importance of giving back and being a great servant to others within their communities.

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