Pick/Comb/Spray Combo



We recommend this complete kit to all our bearded customers. You’ll get the Hot Pick at a discount, plus the Conditioning Spray and Wooden Comb which is basically thrown in for FREE. This is the perfect kit for our bearded guys and an even better gift for your bearded friends! Click Video For More Info

The Shawty Red Three Step Program for beards and natural hair is based on a classic hair care regimen. Click Video For More Info

Step one is the Shawty Red Hair/Growth Conditioning Spray. It features a light weight grease-less formula that allows it to be used as a daily leave in conditioner. It also stimulates hair growth by penetrating the skin and increasing blood flow. Its grease-less formula makes it perfect for use with step two of our program.

Step two is the Shawty Red Hot Pick. It is a versatile hot pick used to help stretch out the hair and/or beard creating volume and fullness to the hair and beard. It features:

  • Unique teeth pattern for precise styling
  • Engineered to reduce the risk of scalp or facial burns.
  • Machine-tooled from high grade ABS plastic for lasting durability.
  • Professional variable temperature setting from 200F to 450F.
  • Green power indicator light.
  • 8ft power cord for convenient operation.
  • 30-second heat-up delivers fast styling.

It is not a hot comb so you don’t have to worry about burning your hair or compromising the integrity of your curl pattern.

Step Three is Shawty Red Wooden Comb. It is constructed from top quality Sandalwood and Ox Horn wood. It’s wooden construction does not produce static electricity. This increases hair growth and makes the hair easier to manage by removing stress and increasing blood flow. It also improves the hairs natural shine by smoothing the hair, closing its scale and making the hair cuticles reflect the light.


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